Junk thought

Human life is messy, and human beings even more so. Working out our “stuff” together is no easy feat. And it’s made no easier by the flood of all kinds of information into our minds, too much of which pollutes our internal lives rather than edifying our personal existence. The powerful tsunami of junk info… [Continue Reading]

Our local eco swap

I’ve written before about the merits of swapping clothes and accessories you no longer want for “new-to-you” items instead. The three top benefits are: Saving money — one of the the keys to prosperity is spending less/saving more. Eco-friendly — reusing stuff helps avoid adding to the landfill. Fun! — getting together with others for… [Continue Reading]

Climate change: Obama needs to turn talk into action

Something’s been troubling me ever since I listened to President Obama’s first post-reëlection press conference. Perhaps as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the now two-term president was finally asked a question about global warming, a topic conveniently avoided by both sides throughout the seemingly interminable campaign. The question came from New York Times White House correspondent… [Continue Reading]

It’s time to change

This morning I’m participating in my first hOUR Economy time bank exchange. I’m giddy with excitement about it, feeling like I’ve taken another giant leap away from the industrial economy. Not only that, I feel I’m taking a giant leap into the new economy that’s developing all around us. These are exciting times. Time is… [Continue Reading]

Why I love Etsy

Since I’ve gotten back to regular blogging, I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve opened a store on Etsy, the online marketplace for handicrafts and vintage. I’ve also pointed you to products on Etsy that are in line with the conservation values I espouse. But now I’m going to wring out a full-throated paean to… [Continue Reading]