Why I love Etsy

Hooked Bike Rug by Maymesheep via Etsy.com.

Since I've gotten back to regular blogging, I've mentioned a few times that I've opened a store on Etsy, the online marketplace for handicrafts and vintage. I've also pointed you to products on Etsy that are in line with the conservation values I espouse. But now I'm going to wring out a full-throated paean to exactly why I think Etsy is so great across so many fronts. And then, even though … [Read more...]

World made by hand

Letterpress bike

My friend Cate Fitt, an artist and fellow blogger, shared a video on Facebook (man, I love Facebook) that really blew my mind. It's from that inspiration that I wrote this piece. Thanks Cate! Ink it, don't think it I've had a long time love of old school printing presses. I love the quality and the raw nature of the medium. I also love that it's done by hand. As a writer and graphic designer, … [Read more...]

Disney’s Mary Poppins, #OccupyingWallStreet since 1964

Mary Poppins Costume

Most folks think of Disney's Mary Poppins as a sugary, over-the-top fantasy of a flying nanny. But I’ve long argued that this film is subversive movie making at its finest. In essence, magical nanny-of-the-ether Mary Poppins (played by the incomparable Julie Andrews) schools Mr. Banks, ahem, on the meaning of life, turning his "orderly" world upside down, and revealing to him in the process … [Read more...]

Don’t greenwash me, Talenti

Bike Parade

There's a saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Temptations Recently I fell in love with a new ice cream brand—actually, a gelato—called Talenti. These folks have churned out a small selection of the most delightful and imaginative flavors with a rich texture and perfect finish. Of their thirteen gelato flavors I've now tried five, which were each perfetto! My … [Read more...]

SodaStream and save the planet?

Bottle Popper

The title might be an exaggeration, but using a SodaStream to make “fizzy” water, sparkling tea, and cola has reduced the plastic bottles and metal cans I use and recycle. It’s also kept money from leaving my purse. Editor’s Note: This is a guest post on Lindsay's List. If you're a friend of Lindsay's, a friend of energy conservation, or just have an idea to help women live locally with a smaller … [Read more...]

Double plus use your own bags!

Bag Monster Tour

Back on March 29, when I first started Lindsay's List, I opened my blogging with the topic Just Bag It, calling reusable bags the "duh!" of the conservation lifestyle and movement. It seemed to be stating the obvious, repeating a message often touted among eco-types, greenies and treehuggers the world over. But coming from the communications world, I knew that people have to be hit with a … [Read more...]

Starbucks “Via” doesn’t help matters


I love coffee. I was never one of those folks who started drinking it in childhood, or at college. I actually didn't start drinking it until my mid-thirties, when my then dear friend Amy, a total coffee junkie, got me hooked. In the ten years or so since then I've come to love grinding my own, brewing in a French press, and bypassing all the fancy coffee options for a straight Joe, with a lil' … [Read more...]

Vote with your dollars

Don't get greenwashed

During the past decade or so the "LOHAS" market has grown wildly. LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. In short it means that more people are making the choice to buy organic, shop at farmer's markets, take yoga and other therapeutic fitness classes, support their local farm-to-fork restaurants and so on. And the majority are women. The Natural Marketing Institute’s most … [Read more...]