Junk thought

Thought bubble bike stands

Human life is messy, and human beings even more so. Working out our "stuff" together is no easy feat. And it's made no easier by the flood of all kinds of information into our minds, too much of which pollutes our internal lives rather than edifying our personal existence. The powerful tsunami of junk info we face daily comes in the forms of advertisements, which are pervasive, continual, and … [Read more...]

Our local eco swap

Fashion Wheels

I've written before about the merits of swapping clothes and accessories you no longer want for "new-to-you" items instead. The three top benefits are: Saving money — one of the the keys to prosperity is spending less/saving more. Eco-friendly — reusing stuff helps avoid adding to the landfill. Fun! — getting together with others for a good time beats solo shopping zombiedom. But while … [Read more...]

It’s time to change

An upcycled Bike Wheel Clock by pixelthis via Etsy.

This morning I'm participating in my first hOUR Economy time bank exchange. I'm giddy with excitement about it, feeling like I've taken another giant leap away from the industrial economy. Not only that, I feel I'm taking a giant leap into the new economy that's developing all around us. These are exciting times. Time is on our side, yes it is If you've never heard of a time bank, let me … [Read more...]

Don’t rush the seasons

Pumpkin Bike

The other day I went out on the Saturday morning yard sale crawl in quest of superb finds and other delights. It was an especially early one since the ladies at the local DAR were starting their sale at 6am. But like the rest of the "pickers" there I was, combing for goodies. I finished by 6:30 and had to wait an hour and a half until the next sales in town, which were slated to start at 8. But … [Read more...]

Bear in mind

Bear on Bike Tee

I love it that for the past few years woodland animals have been all the rage in DIY design circles. Some are nouveau-cutesy, others realistic, and almost always rendered in ways that instantly make you love the object — whether it's a stuffed animal, tee shirt, print, bedding, drinking glasses, wall mounted fake taxidermy or whatever. Very hip, very fun. Of course, from Lascaux to Frank … [Read more...]

For the love of dirt

Compost Sifter

I'm a romantic, and as such, I love celebrating every holiday in bang-up fashion. I clean the house, break out the decor, make a special meal, and buy presents. My husband on the other hand, not so much. He never met a holiday he didn't hate and, when he's not avoiding them like the plague, he approaches them kicking and screaming. Mutual influence Fortunately we're into communicating well … [Read more...]

#OccupyWallStreet from home

Soup Bike

I've received a number of queries from young moms and others who want to know what they can do to support the #OccupyWallStreet movement even though for logistical reasons — particularly having little kids —they can't get to New York, D.C. or even a local event. The rising tide of sympathy for good old fashioned, red, white and blue American protest is a refreshing addition to our national … [Read more...]

Sharing the new economy love

Tweed Bike Ride

For a couple of years now we've been hearing about social enterprises, social capital and social networking. With so many of us on social websites like Facebook and Twitter, sharing things in common with old friends and new, both in-the-flesh and virtual, is now the norm. It's as everyday as e-mail. The social network While there's definitely some valid criticisms floating around out there about … [Read more...]

A produce swap in your ‘hood?


Eating plants isn’t just 'veganistically' hip these days – countless studies have determined that things that grow in the ground really do wonders once they’re inside our body. Among their many virtues, veggies bestow the habitual muncher with enhanced longevity and immunity, super-fly cholesterol levels and positively radiant skin… plus when prepared with a little panache, they are delicious like … [Read more...]

Green textiles

Alabama Bike

I just got back from Washington D.C., where I went to meet informally with folks connected to or interested in the Association for the Study of Peak Oil. ASPO is planning their yearly conference and they wanted to share some aims for the event which is being held for the second year in the nation's capital this November. I'll be there and I hope you'll go, too. But as I often do, when I get the … [Read more...]