Climate change: Obama needs to turn talk into action

Osaka Bike

Something's been troubling me ever since I listened to President Obama's first post-reëlection press conference. Perhaps as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the now two-term president was finally asked a question about global warming, a topic conveniently avoided by both sides throughout the seemingly interminable campaign. The question came from New York Times White House correspondent Mark … [Read more...]

Women, energy, and voting


It was a pretty disappointing presidential campaign by the two major parties given that neither talked about my key issues — peak oil and global warming — with any passion or consistency. Both major parties seem content to avoid what are essentially the two toughest challenges today and going into the future. The issue behind all issues Yes, there's been plenty of red meat from both sides on … [Read more...]

Bike riding is patriotic

Patriotic Streamers

In a world increasingly hampered by economic decline, which is itself hampered by energy decline, there are few things more patriotic than simply using less energy to do what you need and want to do. From turning off lights in daylight hours to eating more foods in their natural state to walking more and driving less, there are many fairly painless ways to use less energy and still enjoy a great … [Read more...]

The green eagle

Go Green Stamps

The United States Postal Service is among the many outlets in the world touting their efforts to go green. In post office posters and on palm cards the trusty rain, sleet and snow guys are running a campaign to make citizens more aware of what the federal shippers are doing to be kind to the environment and reduce fuel use. Their Go Green campaign is the federal agency's 2011 Social Awareness … [Read more...]

Don’t sugar the pill

Ivana Kadija

The final in a week-long series of profiles on moms I know in honor of Mother’s Day 2011. Don't mess with Ivana Kadija, especially if you're either a multinational food processor or its lackey government agency. If you do, this otherwise holistic and somewhat spiritual mother of two just might shift into what she laughingly calls her pit bull mode. "A pit bull with lockjaw," to be more … [Read more...]

In the eye of the storms

Wicked Witch

Like many Americans yesterday, I watched horrified as two storms took hold in our country. The first, a raging of thunderstorms, hail and almost 150 tornados across the south, represents a massive spike in April tornadoes in terms of yearly record keeping. But because there is some precedence for this — big tornado outbreaks in April of 1974 and 1957 — folks will likely disregard them as having … [Read more...]

President Obama’s energy speech

Obama Bike

President Obama delivered a speech on energy at Georgetown University this week, calling on young people to take an active role in the energy conversation. On one hand, this is great. It's important to increase awareness among young folks that energy requires more than flipping a switch. It's not that they're clueless. They understand that when an iPod or cellphone loses power it needs to be … [Read more...]

Greening government saves taxpayer greenbacks

Police Officers on Bikes

Government get's a bad rap in the US these days, always under fire from some demagogue or another trying to make a point. And those ranters are helped by evil genius front groups like Americans for Prosperity who seem to think we should have no roads or sewage systems or schools or emergency agenices because it's too burdensome to the taxpayer. On the other end of the spectrum are those who … [Read more...]